News Analysis for Investment Analysis

We continuously monitor and analyze a massive number of news and social media sources for insights into your investment opportunities and the financial markets in general. We use cutting edge technology in order to detect weak signals which may affect the financial markets. This gives you actionable information before the market has time to react.

Most other actors in this space are English-only systems, or use crude automatic translation in order to enable such functionality. The time is right for news and text analysis solutions of high quality and reliability to be offered to many more languages. Our current solution is focused on Norwegian and English, however, we will soon expand it to other Scandinavian languages, then other Germanic languages.

Networks, not Keywords

Most text analysis is currently based on simple keyword searches, which works if you already know what you are looking for. Using networks and graph theory we intend to unveil and predict the underlying relationships between stories and their subject matter. Say, breaking news reveals turbulence within a key partner of a company you’re invested in. Our solution will be able to detect this and notify you of the developments, giving you actionable insights within moments.

Algorithmic Filtering

Using machine learning on financial market data, in the context of automated news analysis, it is possible to measure which news stories actually have an effect on the market, and to what degree. Despite sifting through the full breadth of available news and social media sources, we’re able to only expose you to news which is both relevant and impactful. This means you’ll have more sources available to you without being flooded with irrelevant junk news, while still being served those crucial stories which can mean the difference between your investments' success or failure.

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